Michael L. Grace Bio

MICHAEL L. GRACE is part of the award winning team that created the internationally performed award winning musical SNOOPY – based on PEANUTS by Charles M. Schultz.  He has written movies for TV, series – various pilots and developed screenplays for Kevin Costner and John Travolta.  He recently sold film rights to his novel…

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Michael has recently developed RUNNER-UP – a new musical opening in London’s Off-West End next fall.  RUNNER-UP is about a reality TV show called FINAL ICON.  Nine young singers compete to be America’s next greatest pop sensation.  The winner will have his or her own reality show – the ultimate award – in this story of veracity.  They soon find out it is a scam and they’ve signed away their souls.  RUNNER-UP might be branded the “The Fall of Western Civilization” as seen through reality television.  He collaborated with composer-lyricist Tom Lowe.  

Video from the soon to be released Blue Ray DVD from Paramount of the animated SNOOPY THE MUSICAL. 
Michael co-produced and co-wrote the book to one of the most performed musicals of all times. There are over 100 productions of the show annually in the USA – along with various world-wide productions and performances. 
Michael is currently finishing A PRAYER FOR REVENGE – a contemporary thriller set in San Francisco.
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Developing live theatre and multi-media projects for China. 
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